A new car?

No, I don’t own a brand new car; I simply can’t afford it.  Someone however begs to disagree.  I am talking about Mary1 that I blogged about another day.  I am driving her around in my Volkswagen New Beetle circa 2002, snap orange color in excellent  condition, low mileage and no rust.  Somehow Mary1 thought it was brand new. She told me that she liked it and that it even  smelled like a new car.

I washed the dash with water and soap and vacuumed the interior, but other than that, I am not sure what exactly smelled to her like a new car. I don’t use any air fresheners so I am puzzled.

She asks, “Is this a new car?”
I say, ummm, no.

After a period of silence that ensued, Mary stated gravely, “You bought a used car.” This sounded like a verdict of sorts.

What exactly does she expect? Granted, she lives in an apartment that I would never be able to afford. I take it she is used to buy new cars, and new only, in her younger days. But she has hired me through a home care agency and not as a private driver. She really thinks that I’d be driving her around for a couple hours at $10 an hour while being able to afford a brand new car? Not happening. She should have hired a private chauffeur then, if you ask me. I however am keeping my mouth shut.

No more questions, I brought her back to the point A, end of the day. I’m headed home.

Here’s a picture of my Bug. Looks young, doesn’t it? Volkswagen has produced only 2,000 of these.  Everyone asks me if it has a stick shift, but no, it’s automatic.  Under 70,000 original miles.

6 June 23. PIC


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  1. That’s a nice looking car, especially for it’s age.

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  2. Cute car. VW bugs was my favorite car back in the 1960s and 1970s. Whenever Dad drove us somewhere I’d play Punchcar with my brother Stephen. I got my first car in the early 1980s. A Chevy Cavalier as Dad only purchased American made cars. I still Love VW Beetles.

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