What motivates me to write

First off, I only blog when I am in the mood to write. Unfortunately this doesn’t happen on a daily basis but I found a way around it. What I do is to write 2-3 posts and schedule them to go live in every other day. If I write say, 3 posts, I am covered for almost one  full week. Then I have some time to stop and think, maybe do a revision or two, and plan the next batch. I know I didn’t invent a bicycle here, but somehow this does wonders to my motivation to write. What can I say, this works for me. Kudos to WordPress for having this feature.

After having read a few horror stories how folks get in trouble for posting images from the net, I decided to concoct my own this time around. I opened a new blog window from the dashboard, filled in the title, took a screenshot and shrank it a bit. Now I am in the clear.

6 June 24. To Blog or Not To Blog

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  1. Yes. The Schedule function on WordPress is a wonderful thing.

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