A bully cop and color-blind society

It’s unbelievable what some folks are getting away with.  I am talking about a cop who has abused his power. Google his name, John Kovach Jr, it’s all over the net.

This is how it started. Daddy didn’t approve of his daughter’s boyfriend and even threatened to use his authority to make her life difficult. Apparently the daughter didn’t heed so daddy decided to take the law in his own hands, and on April 16 set his plan in action. Daddy-cop tracked his daughter’s computer to a friend’s house, drove his police cruiser to the location and lied in wait.

As soon as he spotted the boyfriend’s car, daddy flipped on his flashing lights and made a traffic stop. Which by the way he didn’t report to the station, a violation at least theoretically. The police dash cam in the cruiser captured the entire scene.

Daddy proceeded to threaten the boyfriend with false arrest and going to jail. When the young man asked why, daddy told him he’ll make up the charges. Daddy then kidnapped the boyfriend and put him in the back of the cruiser. So far his daughter was nowhere to be found but a woman whose kids were riding in the boyfriend’s car, approached. Daddy threatened her with searching her home to look for his daughter without a warrant or a probable cause.

She in turn told him that he was abusing authority and bullying.  Daddy cop kept to his old script of getting her in jail if she as much as called 911. She called anyway, and daddy didn’t follow up on his threat.

Finally daddy found his daughter who was hiding inside the boyfriend’s car.  Quite predictably, he dragged her outside and pushed inside his cruiser despite her protests.  If this isn’t kidnapping, then what is?

Meanwhile the station dispatched daddy since he was listed as available. Daddy cop however was too busy fixing his family life while on the clock, and did not respond. Later on this was mentioned only briefly and likely this wasn’t a violation. Hmmm.  An equivalent of a false 911 call or too many 911 calls for which you can even get arrested.  Unless of course, you’re a cop.

Surprisingly enough, daddy’s actions were investigated. He was put on an administrative leave and a couple of weeks later even fired. But the story doesn’t end here. Enter police union who appealed the case on daddy’s behalf. Speaking of double standards, if anyone other than a cop impersonated an officer or kidnapped an 18-year old girl, he’d be in jail as soon as the police were involved, yet this guy is walking free with FOP trying to get him reinstated so he can abuse more people.

Fired, that’s all? No kidnapping charges for him, just termination? How about violating civil rights, wrongful imprisonment, making a false arrest? Act of terrorism? He shouldn’t be a cop anywhere, if you ask me, but likely will get hired in a small town where no one will check on him. Apparently as an old adage goes, cops are above the law aka our taxes at work. Yeah what else is new.  Too bad no code of ethics for the cops exist.

I have to say a few words about color-blindness. This isn’t mentioned anywhere but I  happened to notice. This is a bi-racial dating; the boyfriend is black while the girlfriend is white. Both of them appear just as happy together; what is wrong with daddy?

I bet this isn’t the first boyfriend she’s dating, and can’t help but wonder would daddy’s reaction be the same had this boyfriend been white. This is the question of the day.

6 June 25. Twitter

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  1. As an African American I already know the answer to the question. Being that Black people are targets of trigger happy rogue cops that’s something I always think about before calling the police.

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