Too many apps around?

This actually isn’t a question. The story is, at some point in time I signed up to receive questions from Home Depot online community. Said questions are going to the peer-to-peer Q & A. I usually google my answers while wondering why everyone else can’t do the same. Everyone nowadays is conditioned to getting instant answers as well as using numerous apps to about the same effect.

Here comes the question. Someone wants to know if a certain floor lamp is compatible with a smart bulb so it could be Alexa controlled. I was tempted to say, get off your ass and turn the darn lamp on or off by hand! But of course this wouldn’t fly or in other words, there is no way that Home Depot will allow this to be published so I figured I might as well bite my tongue. After a bit of googling I answered that the smart bulb has to be equivalent to 150W standard bulb.

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If if you think that this app can’t be hacked, don’t bet on it. CBS News reports that between 75 and 80 percent of Android or Apple apps are hacked. Of course there are ways to prevent this but why having certain apps when you can pretty much do without and avoid the resulting headache. I bet the smart bulb app can be hacked, too.

By the way, ditto for the baby monitors; I just read an article about this on Techwalla website.  Someone has purchased FREDI Wireless Camera baby monitor enabled with WiFi on Amazon. The video feed could be accessed from a smartphone app and then you could watch your baby sleeping from the comfort of your living room. So far so good.

The next thing the baby parents knew, the camera was hacked, the cops were called and of course nothing could be done. Amazon tells them to contact the manufacturer, the number is out of service and the buyer is out of luck. Couldn’t even leave a product review. The only option they’re left with, is to toss said monitor and call it a day. Had they opted to check on their baby in person, nothing of the above would have happened. I used to do this back in the 1980s and I can assure you, no one dared to hack me.

There are too many apps around, that’s what I am thinking. And I don’t even own a smartphone. That might explain my feelings. YMMV


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  1. Your blog is great! This one had me laughing.

    I remember the days of our family RCA T.V. with limited stations when TV went off after Midnight. Only a test pattern!

    Now I no longer own a television. Too expensive and I can’t afford cable.

    I admit some Apps we can do without. I do have Transit Apps because it’s important to know when the next bus or subway train will arrive especially since I work full-time evenings and nights. When it’s 1am in the morning you need to know when the next train will arrive.
    I also have a car service App called Lyft. Sometimes getting off work after Midnight I don’t want to tangle with the subways because many trains stop running after 11pm. When you are tired and worn out plus dealing with a visual impairment you just want to catch that car service so you can be home in 30 minutes as opposed to 2 hours!

    Happy to say that I’m retiring on August 29th! Freedom! LOL!

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  2. I also greatly appreciate the WordPress app for Android because my laptop died in early June.

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    • Anna says:

      Sorry about your laptop, DeBorah 😦 Mine tried to die a few times but I was able to bring it back to life. I understand where you’re coming from, and definitely some apps are necessary. But to use an app to flip a switch, excuse me! Of course YMMV. This is my mileage.

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  3. You’re absolutely correct. I was fascinated when visiting with my girlfriend and her husband for Thanksgiving how they kept talking to some woman named Alexa. Later I discovered that Alexa is an App to play music! At first I was wondering if there was an invisible Thanksgiving guest

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