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The reason I’m saying this is because I am the last person on earth to have learned about the mere existence of a blue light. My (now former) eye doctor didn’t utter a word about it, either for lack of knowledge or who knows why. Up until searching the net, I was clueless. And discovered the blue light while searching how to manage my CAT. For those unfamiliar, CAT is my own abbreviation for the cataract that I blogged about earlier.  I am far more comfortable with a short form rather than spelling it all out. Yikes.

Our eyes are vulnerable things, and usually we take the ability to see for granted. However, a matter as trivial as looking at a computer screen while blogging away can do much harm, and not only to the eye lenses but to the retina as well. The latter can result in macular degeneration, one of the leading causes of blindness. Contrary to the popular belief, not caused by diabetes but by exposure to the blue light. This is according to the All About Vision website but not an eye doctor?  Unbelievable.  Smh

To deal with the blue light, you need to find some ways to block it. Enter blue light blockers (eyeglasses), whether with magnification or not. Yes, they do exist. Not sure that my now former eye doctor was even aware about it. But now I know, bingo. Long lives internet.

Off I went to buy said glasses. This took some time and lots of googling. The choices are endless to send my head spinning. There are distance eyeglasses, readers, sunreaders, of course blue light blockers and countless combinations of all to boot. And if this wasn’t enough, there are literally tons of features to consider.

After you hopefully figured out what you want, you have to make sure that your new glasses are a good fit. Welcome to a virtual fitting room for lack of a better word. Roll up your sleeves and measure the following using your existing glasses as a template. I’m talking about things like lens height and width, ditto for the frame; add a bridge width and an arm length to the mix, and with a little bit of luck you will get the picture.

After looking high and low on the net, I came across this wonderful website that describes the eyeglass frames in great detail. Eye Heart, based in California.

1. eye heart

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Found this one on the Amazon website:

2. measurements

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I have ended up with a pair of Eyekepper reading glasses from Amazon that are only slightly amber tinted therefore provide only about 20% blue light protection. I really wanted more protection, something that Uvex glasses would provide, and I don’t really care if I see everything amber tinted.

As long as I know that my eyes are protected, this is all that matters. Uvex glasses unfortunately don’t come with magnification. Besides, turned out that most folks (buyers) don’t like too much of an amber tint therefore Eyekepper doesn’t make them this way, so I am currently putting up with the less protection. Still better than nothing.

The Eyekepper glasses came in a nice zipped hard case that did wonders to having things organized. Now I know exactly where my beautiful blue light blockers are instead of looking up all over the place, oh where did I put the darn glasses? No more.


But you know what? Since wearing these glasses, I started sleeping at night. You hear this from a non-believer as I have always thought that the melatonin production in relation to the blue light blockers eyeglasses is nothing but a sales pitch. But have to admit, I was wrong. You know how easy it is to admit your wrong? Yea right. This is exactly where I am right now.


I have learned to sit about 20 inches away from the screen, use ambient light when the  room is dark and nothing but a TV or a computer is on, as well as take breaks from sitting by the screen. Perfect time to do some chores waiting on the back burner to eventually get done. Such as bringing my shower curtain liner back to life. Here’s to hoping that all this will help me to buy more time being able to see.


UPDATE: after all said and done, I went on browsing WordPress for the similar posts and found this gem. Here now, Helen Hayward is talking about a certain eye exam that her doctor was unaware of. No kidding! Perhaps we should set up a society of the eye doctors who lack in knowledge… something like that.

Read her post here:  blue light

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