My new computer

As you might as well noticed, I have taken a long break from blogging. Full five months, no kidding. Just drew a blank and didn’t know what to write about. Nothing much is happening, my diabetes is still here and so is the neuropathy. I am not on any meds, managed not to take any pain pills and just live one day at a time. I firmly believe that all meds have side effects and we are overmedicated in general. This however is food for thought for another post that I will do eventually. So here I am, meds-free. Hot shower helps.

Meanwhile I have a new computer. Completely brand new, HP Pavilion 15. I had it free in exchange for my review which was positive as I just love it. It runs very cool compared to my old Dell Latitude.

It runs Windows 10 Home that I am still taking time to get acquainted with. Hated the password screen but had to live with it or so I thought. Entering password on wakeup was there by default. Argh.

Needless to say, I didn’t like it and googled the ways to get rid of it. Done and over with, password enter screen is gone but so is Win+X shortcut. Since it was here before my password screen tweaking, there was an obvious connection between the two. Win + X keyboard shortcut is beautiful. Here now, a screenshot showing what it can do in Win 10. It does something different in Win 7.

Win + X

I had to make a choice and decided to re-activate the password screen. However after doing so, I noticed that the password screen didn’t come back which is good. But Win+X shortcut came right back, and I am just as happy. Don’t ask me to explain.

Go figure.

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5 Responses to My new computer

  1. šŸ™‚ Wow! You got a free HP Pavilion 15 for an exchange for a review (Lucky you)!

    Now, in regards to not knowing what to write about, I highly suggest that you post about the things that you are going through; for example, you have diabetes; you can tell your readers what it is like to have diabetes and the special diet that you have to consume when you have diabetes.

    Writer’s block is a state of mind — one that can be overcome.

    There is always something to write about.

    Do enjoy the rest of your day!

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  2. Enjoy your new HP computer. It is interesting how you say an hp runs cool. I have a dell and it does really create heat sometimes..

    It is nice you got a new computer. Enjoy it.

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