Diabetic neuropathy, again!

Lately my feet were acting up.  Killing me.  I thought it was neuropathy and maybe arthritis too. Either way it was bad. Hot shower helped but only briefly, and then the pain was right back. Both numbness and pain at the same time that is difficult to explain to someone who never experienced this.

I considered the possibilities. Haven’t seen my doctor in ages and haven’t taken any meds in about the same time span. Maybe the time has come to reverse aka see the doc and ask for some meds. Argh. Hated even thinking about it.

And then it dawned on me. Diabetic socks of course!  And here they are.

July 31. D socks

I am getting these babies free each month through my insurance plan, Aetna. Yep, Aetna gives you a monthly allowance, $15 for me, and then I can pick some freebies online within the allowance. I usually pick the socks and a couple more of this and that. Hey they are free. Listed as Diabetic Socks in the list of freebies yet the package says Comfort Socks. Anyway, all purpose socks that worked magic for me. I’ve accumulated tons of them that were quietly sitting in a drawer up until now.

Whatcha know, it worked. Yay! In addition to wearing these socks, I upped the heat a bit for a while.  The temps dropped to about upper 60s so I figured why not.  Both are free because of what Aetna is doing, and because the heat is included in the monthly condo fee. Long live freebies!

I feel like a million dollars now that the pain is gone. Doing a happy dance.

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