111 is my lucky number today


This was my morning fasting BG number today.

I don’t usually check my morning fasting BG every day. Heck not even every week. But lately when I do check it, it’s always good, no matter what.

And how reliable is it? Just as reliable as your meter. If you check your BG with another meter, chances are the numbers will be different. Some folks actually do this, not sure why. Some will check their BG after meals, about half an hour after, to see as they claim, how different foods affect them. I am not one of them. I only check my morning blood sugar level, and even then, only when a mood strikes or if I try a different food. Not that postprandial number matters unless of course it was doctor ordered. In my opinion, morning fasting BG is more than enough. What actually matters is the average levels detected by A1C test. Even that one is as reliable as the equipmentthat the lab is using. If you change doctors or if the lab is using a different meter, guess what. This will reflect on your numbers and not always in a good way.

Then again, the food including how much, how often, and the sequence. And if this wasn’t enough, the season of the year, your physical activity, whether or not you happened to be sick otherwise, pain, hormonal changes and more. Things happen when you sleep such as Dawn phenomenon or a Somogyi effect that I blogged about a few years ago https://comeinsitdown.wordpress.com/2015/06/06/morning-highs/

Good carbs, bad carbs, sugar-free – oh this is my favorite. A while ago I discovered sugar-free pancake syrup and was proud of myself for doing so. However my pride was short lived as the BG numbers went up. Turned out it does contain sugar albeit a different variety but it managed to raise my BG number. Off to the trash it went and I developed a habit of ALWAYS reading the ingredients labels.

Diabetes in control website claims that 2 tablespoons of vinegar before a meal will reduce the postprandial BG numbers. Have no way to test this as I don’t check postprandial BG. I don’t even check morning fasting each and every morning. This morning I was in the mood so went ahead and did it. Wow, 111. I braced myself for a higher number because my neuropathy was acting up lately and this can affect blood sugar levels, too. But no. Today is my lucky day. Cheers

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