Low Carb Cooking

Pretty sure I didn’t invent much but I thought up the ingredients for having low carbs. I watch my carbs like a hawk and this soup followed the suit. Here goes .

Low Carb Barley Vegetable Soup in a Crockpot

First off, crockpot is a studio dwellers’ friend. Not having full size appliances calls for it out loud. This morning I was in a cooking mood and concocted this. Turned out not bad.

Please note, this was made in a small crockpot. I measured and it’s all of about 4-1/2 quarts capacity. Feel free to adjust to your size crockpot. I used squash (yellow & zucchini) in place of potatoes so this is a low carb soup. Some of the ingredients were measured, while the others were eyeballed. All the veggies were chopped or cut in small pieces. The pearl barley was “sprinkled” lightly because I didn’t want too much of it. At first I thought to roll the Italian sausage in meatballs but ended up just breaking it down in pieces. The end result is just about the same (I think)

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Back to the recipe.

⦁ 1 pound bulk mild Italian sausage, broken down in pieces.
⦁ 2 cups yellow & zucchini squash, combined
⦁ 1 cup grated carrots.
⦁ green bell peppers. Red bell peppers are fine too; I just didn’t have them on hand
⦁ yellow onions
⦁ celery
⦁ pearl barley lightly sprinkled on top
⦁ water to cover to about 1-1/2 inches from the top

Set this on low early in the morning, ready by the dinner time. Yum. Set it and forget it is my favorite cooking style. Standing over the pot and stirring is not one of my favorite pastimes.

Leftover of veggies were cut up, placed in the Ziploc bags and off to the freezer for the future use. Will see how this goes.

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