Life isn’t always going as planned

I have taken a break from blogging lately. Not because there was nothing to write about, but because something was happening that I didn’t know how to deal with.

I have a brother in Chicagoland; he is a widower and has lived in his condo for the last decade and a half. He and his late wife worked and paid the condo off. So he owned it free and clear, or so he thought, up until the recent events. About a month ago his son was killed in a motorcycle accident and all the hell broke loose.

And if this wasn’t enough, my brother found out that he doesn’t own his condo anymore. His son’s family does. Five years ago his son had the father sign some paperwork under the pretense that it was done for the father’s good, while actually transferring the condo ownership to self. The son wasn’t supposed to do this in his capacity of being his father’s poa (power of attorney).

The way it looks now, most likely the widow is going to evict her father-in-law from the condo. It’ll bound to happen, sooner or later. And yes, my brother’s rights were violated (breach of fiduciary duty) but good luck with proving this in the courts. In other words, one should be able to pay $$$ in attorney fees to prove they were wronged. There are some pro bono places but only theoretically; I contacted them online but alas, they are not in a big hurry to reply.

Sadly my brother will be forced to go to a nursing home as he can’t afford a lawyer, and neither can I. He isn’t ready to go there and is perfectly capable of living alone with help, but alas, he has no options.

End of story.

I wish I could help my brother. I promised our mom that I will help him if needed as we are about 18 years apart. Knowing that I can’t help is about eating me up alive. My diabetes and the neuropathy is still here regardless.

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