When your meter quits

My Accu-Chek Nano did just that. In the morning I pulled it out from its pouch only to discover that it’s, well, dead. The screen was dark and pressing buttons did absolutely nothing.


My first impulse was to toss it and get a new one. Perhaps I had it too long. But then I started thinking, wait a minute. This thing is powered by batteries; the questions is, how to get to them. A quick YouTube video pointed me in the right direction.

First you flip your meter face down. Then find a notch at the bottom and gently pull on it.  Keep pulling until a tray comes out as illustrated below.  Then flip the tray to discover two 3-volt 2032 lithium batteries.

IMG_4247 thru 4263

This is exactly what I need to make my meter working.  The batteries will have two letters in front of 2032 that you can safely disregard.  These letters have to do with what company manufactured said batteries but other than that, they are all the same, either CR or DL or anything else.  My old batteries had letters DL that indicated Duracell.  Since I had a fallout with Duracell due to the non-working charger, I decided to go with Sony. Snatched a good deal at Walmart with free delivery.

Will update when I receive the batteries and have my meter up and running.



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