Carbs rant

Just found out the hard way that I was overdoing with carbs. I did not check my morning fasting sugar in a while because it’s a chore. But I did feel my neuropathy getting worse so figured it must be carbs. The soles of my feet felt numb and hurt at the same time. Of course this is next to impossible to explain to someone who is not blessed with diabetes.

No it was not any of the simple carbs, and I haven’t touched ice cream in ages. It was brown rice that I finally figured out how to cook in a crock pot. You have to make sure that you mix it with water that is double in volume of rice. I added some stock that I happened to have on hand, and olive oil. Everything was eyeballed, and I kept a close look at the rice so it doesn’t get overdone. No I didn’t just stand over the crock pot, but each time I happened to be in the kitchen that is just one step away from everywhere else in my tiny studio, I would peek at the rice and am on my merry way.

It’s ready when the liquid is absorbed or just about.  The rice in the photo below is brown, it really is but I couldn’t capture the color.  Take my word for it.


So far so good, however rice is high in carbs. One cup of rice contains about 45 g or 3 carbs. I think I should limit myself to half a cup or less. Half a cup of rice at a time. Yep here I am.

After doing this for only a week, I noticed that my feet feel much better. I am doing the right thing after all. Am going to try riced vegetables. Cauliflower and broccoli florets are on my shopping list.






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