Diabetic neuropathy and cold weather

Not a great combo and you hear this from the horse’s mouth.

Remember when I was blogging about my neuropathy gone bad after eating some rice?

I was thinking, how come it happened so fast after only one time eating that? As far as it getting worse and then better, I think it’s pretty normal. Been there, done that.

Whatcha know, turned out it was actually cold weather. We are having subzero temperatures here in the Midwest, and living in an old vintage building with as much as one strip of electric baseboard heating doesn’t help much. I was freezing all over including of course my feet. The neuropathy at its worst.

Hot shower helped tremendously as well as wearing diabetic socks. It’s like born again. The pain was poof gone and the numbness went down. Go figure.

Back to the carbs. I’ve done some research and found out that eggplant is a low carb food. I just happened to have one so cooked it in my trusty crockpot topped with sliced onions, sprinkled with Worcestershire sauce and salt & red pepper flakes. Set on low for overnight and in the morning it was all ready. The eggplant shrank to about one third of its original size and absorbed all the liquid it could. Doesn’t look pretty but hey, it’s low in carbs. Here it is, my eggplant casserole in a slow cooker:

Feb 16. IMG_4391 & 4398

I might even become a part-time vegetarian.  Anyway, here’s to hoping that this winter will pass soon.

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