Oh so sweet

We are conditioned or programmed if you will, to think that sweet means good. Looking at some kid and saying, she is such a sweetie is considered normal and even nice. If anything is extremely good, it’s “sweet”. Let alone a sweetheart, and you’re so sweet. So sweet is good, right?

Basically yes unless you happened to have diabetes. Then you know that the opposite is true at least for you. Still most everyone else thinks that eating sweets caused your diabetes and that it’s your own damn fault. Like for example, the infamous tweet of CrossFit’s CEO Greg Glassman that I blogged about another day.

Because most likely, you merely were not diagnosed with diabetes yet. The modern medicine has no means to diagnose diabetes early. All the finger sticks in the world and all the AIC tests are not good enough. Chances are, diabetes is lurking but not caught yet. In light of this, eating sweets will cause your diabetes getting caught. All of a sudden diabetes myths come out partially correct albeit for the wrong reasons. For all I know, maybe I was born with diabetes that didn’t get caught until a few years ago.

Ever had something right happening for the wrong reasons? I had and not only with diabetes. But that’s the food for thought for another blog.

So sweet.

P.S.  My fasting number went up because I messed up and had grits for breakfast. Grits are easy to cook, don’t come out lumpy like cream of wheat does and taste great, but they are high in carbs. So now I am trying to un-mess all this. It’ll take a while.

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