Cough, cough or meet my electric kettle

Another day I started coughing for no apparent reason. This was going on and I just couldn’t stop. It was happening during the day only and didn’t interfere with my night sleep. No it’s not what you might think. Not a cold or an allergy or flu or anything else of this nature. Not a virus either. I just kept on coughing for no reason, that’s all.

My google search yielded a possibility of postnasal drip along with, you guessed it, a few suggestions to take some meds. Of course, meds have side effects that you deal with in addition to the cough problem. This didn’t sit well with me as I don’t take any meds at all. I however noticed that cough seem to go away when I take my constitutional hot showers. But can’t stay in the shower all day, so I decided to try homemade steam inhalation.

I boiled water in my electric kettle and inhaled this for a while. Repeated over a cup of hot tea. I didn’t time this, just eyeballed. Did this a few times a day and the next thing I know, cough is poof gone. Without any meds that is wonderful. Yay. And my fasting BG number was 107 another morning.


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