Invisible disability and oil change

In these days of coronavirus and stay-at-home orders coupled with social distancing, a simple car oil change can become a project. Most shops will only do a drop off, and a few offer loaners but all this seems to be a fuss over oil change of all things. I ended up going to a local Valvoline where they do it while you wait.

Apr 22. Valvoline station

No one in the shop was wearing masks or gloves, with the exception of shop gloves. And no one kept a six foot distance. Business as usual. On top of all that, the charges are higher than those in a local shop but you have no choice. So I went in and had my oil change done.

Afterwards read reviews and my eyes grew wide open big as quarters. These places are franchises and basically hit or miss. Some folks report their oil tanks overfilled that caused engine damage. Some others report something or the other overtightened or undertightened, with the same results. So I decided to bring my car to a local Firestone to check out if said oil change was done right.  Just to be on the safe side.

Apr 22. FirestoneThis looks familiar?

Upon calling the shop I was informed that I have to wait ONE HOUR that is dubbed as a “quick & easy curbside drop-off”. Inasmuch as I like this particular shop, it is located in the middle of nowhere. No coffee shops or shopping malls with a chair or a bench to sit on. And there is no way that I walk one hour or so and my back doesn’t start killing me. Sitting down helps to alleviate the pain but alas, there is nowhere to sit. I knew I had to get creative.

I googled and emailed the headquarters. Explained my dilemma and asked for half an hour wait. Received a reply with date and time and that the shop was advised of my time constraint. In the process, I had to mention that I am a disabled senior citizen. I don’t often play this card but this time I just had to. The shop however should have known this already. I’ve been there before and certainly don’t look like a young chick; on top of that, my hands are crooked (out of shape due to arthritis) and granted, the rest of my disability is invisible. For the record, I am 69.

Am going there tomorrow at 12 noon. Here’s to hoping it’ll go as planned.

More about invisible disability later.


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