Living in COVID era rant

Aka panic mode. Everyone is supposed to wear a mask although not mandatory just everywhere. Walmart is open and banks are closed. Auto repair shops accept drop in only, and even then they are suddenly overloaded with big cases repairs.  My AC and the radio that happen to suddenly quit working, have to wait until the better times that are nowhere in sight.

Banks are closed although google claims that some locations are open. Went in to cash a check that my AAA auto insurance company sent me as a rebate on occasion of Covid and kissed the door.

Then I went to Walmart to pick up a few rolls of paper towels that an email informed me were in stock. And of course picked a few groceries as well. And went to stay in line, trying to keep the 6 foot social distancing or so they say.

That looks familiar?  Courtesy of Walmart corporate

blue patch

Almost no one keeps said distance. I was standing at the end of the aisle while everyone behind me was supposed to form a line inside the aisle, right? Guess what, two dudes stand on each side of me within maybe a foot or two distance and trying to figure out their place in line. And then a broom comes along, efficiently cutting the six foot in about half. Let alone the passers by with the same effect.

Not everyone is wearing masks anyway, some folks wear them on the chin like a beard of sorts, and no one’s reinforcing the six foot distance. The mere six foot thingy sounds more like being politically correct and means little more than the blue painted patches on the floor.

Contrary to the popular belief, the masks don’t protect you from the virus. Aside from the fact that no one really knows how the virus transmits other than doing some guesswork, almost no one is wearing them correctly, and the tiny virus will find its way to get inside. If something happens to itch just under the mask, how do you scratch it? Of course you reach out and here goes. Besides, the virus can settle ANYWHERE, including your hair, clothes and of course the outside of said mask, let alone the shopping cart and your groceries. No matter how thick your mask is, the tiny virus can find its way through. Then again, you should be able to breath through the mask or else you’d be defeating the purpose, don’t ya think? How often can you wash your hands and how much it helps anyway? It’s everybody’s guess. You can wash your hands alright. Can you wash EVERYTHING ELSE that you touch and how often?

So the hair salons are closed, some possibly forever, my hair looks like hell and no doubt some virus might just find their refuge there, or in anyone else’s hair for this matter. The hair salons are closed while the grocery stores are running in full tilt. It is not okay to bring your own grocery bag to a store but carrying a purse is okay. Plastic bags are making a comeback. Some Walmart locations run no touch pick up while the others do not. In the latter, the pickup associates don’t wear masks and don’t keep the 6 ft distance.

Some facebookers advise to put your newspaper in quarantine for six days. That assuming that everyone has a porch. If you however don’t have a porch and just happen to subscribe to a newspaper in print, tough luck. What good the newspaper does after the six days wait anyway?

Then again, you still get snail mail, right? Some of us will receive the Stimulus check or a debit card this way. And oh, the junk mail! The senders of which apparently don’t give it a thought. Spectrum for once, is bombarding me with these while upping my monthly fee for some reason or another. Likewise is AARP that I am not even a member of. And others.

This panic mode is driving me crazy and I absolutely hate it. What we’re doing now is like running after the flies with a swatter like a madman of sorts, instead of figuring out where and how the flies are coming from and cut it short. That remains to be seen. Some FB groups admins closed their groups for the time period uncertain, others limit exchanges for what they decide is essential. My group remains open, although just to be politically correct, I advised no touch pick up. So I placed something on the bench at the front entrance to the building and a gal came to pick it up. We were within about two feet from each other and she picked up the package from the bench. No touch alright but I don’t think it made a huge difference. Neither one of us was wearing a mask or gloves. I am still around and blogging at a rate about once a month.

And the good news is, I am stocked up with the Bounty paper towels for a while. Long live paper towels! Thanks for the ear.

Meet my handmade mask, crocheted with cotton yarn. Love the colors, but sometimes I hate it.

P.S. For some unfathomable reason I am unable to add a category “Virus”. Tried a few times to no avail. Hmmm.

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