My humble opinion about coronavirus

I will begin with the face masks that we are forced to wear. I don’t believe that masks help any in the first place. Remember when CDC told us that masks don’t provide protection?

Back then CDC even went as far as advising not to wear masks if we have no symptoms, and that masks provide a false sense of security. They were absolutely right back then. However later on CDC went into a reverse mode. The problem is, CDC can’t admit that they don’t know what to do about all this. They are supposed to know by default. So then CDC proceeded on blaming the victims. Yeah what else is new. The message is basically that it’s your own fault because you don’t wear masks. Start wearing them and boom, the problem solved. Only it is not solved except that the mask industry is booming.

I came across a website that gives an interesting insight into the masks buying and wearing. Aside from the masks now being mandatory, why do you think people are buying masks? Because, the site says, masks buying has to do with the mental reasons rather than with physical. Coronavirus is a new uncharted territory, hence fear of unknown kicks right in, fueled by the media and the next thing we know we’re dealing with anxiety. We then take action by wearing masks, which puts us in the perceived control and relieves anxiety. Now whenever I see people wearing masks in a completely, utterly empty street, I know why. Psychology calls this illusion of control.

Now the masks are mandated and there is no way around it. Not wearing a mask can get you in trouble quick. Heck you might even get arrested. Can’t vouch for this one though as I’ve never tried. But am curious. Sometimes however, even wearing a mask can get you in trouble. And there’s no middle ground.

I can’t help but wonder why we are never required to wear a mask during a flu season. Hmmm. And how come that we never heard of coronavirus before it actually happened. It literally appeared out of nowhere. A mystery.

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