How coronavirus is diagnosed?

This is a sequel to my previous post. How do you think it is diagnosed? Tests are first thing that comes to mind but alas, they are not reliable. Next best are the symptoms alone which is what seemingly took place at Port Clinton.

An army vet, Richard Rose, was a naysayer. He refused to buy a mask, called it a hype and more. Advised turning TV off as the media is “dividing the nation and causing panic.” and “stop being a sheep.”

Then he announced being tested positive but sounded like he had no symptoms at the time. Later found dead in his apartment. There were no signs of forced entry which if you ever watched Forensic Files or the like, doesn’t mean much. Anyway, he’s dead at 37. His death was attributed to coronavirus that left his friends dumbfounded. Why not do anything to find out and make sure it was nothing else, they say. At least a blood test, at the most the autopsy. Neither one was done and the coroner remained unmoved. Stated that the autopsy would not alter cause of death, period. Whatever would be found at autopsy, all would be caused by Covid-19. The end.

A fine example of how coronavirus is diagnosed by symptoms alone. Wanna bet it doesn’t happen more often than not?

I did an experiment and took my old symptoms to the test. Earlier this year I blogged about having persistent cough that I successfully cured by homemade steam inhalation. So it wasn’t coronavirus after all. But now I went to a few self checking online sites with my old symptoms. My first stop was Mayo Clinic where I was told that I have symptoms and to call a doctor within 12 hours.

Mayo Clinic Self Checker - Copy

Texas self-checker was next. I answered the questions about my age of over 65 and an underlying condition of diabetes that is a scape goat for most anything. Based on these two I was told to call my doctor within 24 hours of symptoms onset, otherwise had I been younger than 65 and no diabetes, I could just stay home and call the doctor only if the symptoms get worse. Anyway, the site tells me that I have symptoms and should get tested with a PCR (swab) test. Not happening.
TEXAS Self Checker - Copy

I bet had I been tested, could have gotten a false positive and put on a ventilator against my will.

To be continued.  I am not finished yet

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