How reliable are Covid-19 diagnostic tests and how good are new WordPress changes

They are not reliable at all; here I’m talking about COVID-19 tests. False positives are known to happen with a certain system test. And this is where it ends because I am unable to insert a link with a text and am generally pissed off with the new style. So I am leaving the WordPress and off I’m going to the greener pastures.

Drop cap ability is about the only good thing about the WordPress changes. And it absolutely sucks that WP first offers a new style as an option, whatever this means in WP language, and then says, if you want the old style back, pay a ransom. Yes ransom, this is the only way to call this WP action.

Bye bye for now. Can’t remove the tag below that prominently shows on the preview only but not when I’m trying to write a post. Whether it will be here when I actually post, remains to be seen.

<p id="

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