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How coronavirus is diagnosed?

This is a sequel to my previous post. How do you think it is diagnosed? Tests are first thing that comes to mind but alas, they are not reliable. Next best are the symptoms alone which is what seemingly took … Continue reading

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My humble opinion about coronavirus

I will begin with the face masks that we are forced to wear. I don’t believe that masks help any in the first place. Remember when CDC told us that masks don’t provide protection? Back then CDC even went as … Continue reading

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Lettuce-tuna salad

This afternoon I was in a mood to munch on something and thought up this. A low carb snack. Ingredients: one half head of a medium iceberg lettuce one can tuna in water just a bit of oil one teaspoon … Continue reading

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Living in COVID era rant

Aka panic mode. Everyone is supposed to wear a mask although not mandatory just everywhere. Walmart is open and banks are closed. Auto repair shops accept drop in only, and even then they are suddenly overloaded with big cases repairs.  … Continue reading

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Invisible disability and oil change

In these days of coronavirus and stay-at-home orders coupled with social distancing, a simple car oil change can become a project. Most shops will only do a drop off, and a few offer loaners but all this seems to be … Continue reading

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Cough, cough or meet my electric kettle

Another day I started coughing for no apparent reason. This was going on and I just couldn’t stop. It was happening during the day only and didn’t interfere with my night sleep. No it’s not what you might think. Not … Continue reading

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Oh so sweet

We are conditioned or programmed if you will, to think that sweet means good. Looking at some kid and saying, she is such a sweetie is considered normal and even nice. If anything is extremely good, it’s “sweet”. Let alone … Continue reading

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Diabetic neuropathy and cold weather

Not a great combo and you hear this from the horse’s mouth. Remember when I was blogging about my neuropathy gone bad after eating some rice? I was thinking, how come it happened so fast after only one time … Continue reading

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Carbs rant

Just found out the hard way that I was overdoing with carbs. I did not check my morning fasting sugar in a while because it’s a chore. But I did feel my neuropathy getting worse so figured it must be carbs. … Continue reading

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The Fall of America or the End of Trumperica — A lot from Lydia

No, I’m not watching Trump’s defense team project and dissimulate. I have crossword puzzles to work on, and paper airplanes to fly, a fidget spinner that must be spun today, a book to read, and I’m sketching a picture of … Continue reading

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