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Today’s Prompt: PANIC

When one says, I am in panic, this doesn’t automatically imply that they are actually having a panic attack; might as well be anxious.  There is a difference between the two;  I have blogged about this last week.   Read … Continue reading

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Today’s Prompt: Silence. Presidential race and mental illnesses

The presidential race is in full motion while the candidates are far from being silent.  Amidst all this, GOP Presidential candidate Ben Carson has made a public statement saying that Muslims who embrace American values have to be ‘schizophrenic’. This statement … Continue reading

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5 Things to remember when everything goes wrong

Originally posted on Positive Ponders:
We expect something in life but it turns out to be something else unexpected and problematic.However the troubles we face will lead us to better path in life by teaching us valuable lessons of life.There…

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Today’s Prompt: SLOG. How to cope with anxiety when having a car trouble

I was thrown into the anxiety-bordering-with-panic mode today, when my beloved Beetle won’t start. Turn the key all I might, all to no avail. I was promptly in denial, then in disbelief, and then I was bargaining and more…  went … Continue reading

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Diabetes and Anxiety

As someone who has been diagnosed with T2D, I was wondering whether anxiety is more common in PWD (people with diabetes). ADA website quotes a large nationwide study of over 200,000 adult participants, some with diabetes and some without. The … Continue reading

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5 Causes of Depression

In my previous post, I have covered an overview of depression.  Here I will discuss what causes this beast.  1.   Depression can be genetic, although the exact gene causing it is presently unknown. If you have a family member … Continue reading

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Diabetes and Depression

What a combo.  As if having diabetes wasn’t enough, out comes depression to make it complete.  Or was it the other way around?  This is reminiscent of an old chicken and egg dilemma. Remember, which came first? But I digress.  … Continue reading

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If Alzheimer’s Erases Your Name

Originally posted on The Lonely Author:
If Alzheimer’s Erases Your Name Memories with no recollection like a warm beach without sand how could I gaze into your eyes and not feel what I breath today If nostalgia becomes a stranger…

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Introverts – Here We Are, This Is Us

Originally posted on Words with a View:
A few days ago in class, the teacher tossed our way an odd piece of advice. She told us that when we go off to work in an organization, the introverts among us…

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Faces of depression

Depression comes in all shape and form, and at times it doesn’t appear in its classic way. The classic way is when you have no energy to even get out of the bed. The way I felt last night however, … Continue reading

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