The Fall of America or the End of Trumperica — A lot from Lydia

No, I’m not watching Trump’s defense team project and dissimulate. I have crossword puzzles to work on, and paper airplanes to fly, a fidget spinner that must be spun today, a book to read, and I’m sketching a picture of my sofa. I’m busy. I also wanted to share my thoughts on Trump’s intimidation techniques. […]

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When your meter quits

My Accu-Chek Nano did just that. In the morning I pulled it out from its pouch only to discover that it’s, well, dead. The screen was dark and pressing buttons did absolutely nothing.


My first impulse was to toss it and get a new one. Perhaps I had it too long. But then I started thinking, wait a minute. This thing is powered by batteries; the questions is, how to get to them. A quick YouTube video pointed me in the right direction.

First you flip your meter face down. Then find a notch at the bottom and gently pull on it.  Keep pulling until a tray comes out as illustrated below.  Then flip the tray to discover two 3-volt 2032 lithium batteries.

IMG_4247 thru 4263

This is exactly what I need to make my meter working.  The batteries will have two letters in front of 2032 that you can safely disregard.  These letters have to do with what company manufactured said batteries but other than that, they are all the same, either CR or DL or anything else.  My old batteries had letters DL that indicated Duracell.  Since I had a fallout with Duracell due to the non-working charger, I decided to go with Sony. Snatched a good deal at Walmart with free delivery.

Will update when I receive the batteries and have my meter up and running.



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Life isn’t always going as planned

I have taken a break from blogging lately. Not because there was nothing to write about, but because something was happening that I didn’t know how to deal with.

I have a brother in Chicagoland; he is a widower and has lived in his condo for the last decade and a half. He and his late wife worked and paid the condo off. So he owned it free and clear, or so he thought, up until the recent events. About a month ago his son was killed in a motorcycle accident and all the hell broke loose.

And if this wasn’t enough, my brother found out that he doesn’t own his condo anymore. His son’s family does. Five years ago his son had the father sign some paperwork under the pretense that it was done for the father’s good, while actually transferring the condo ownership to self. The son wasn’t supposed to do this in his capacity of being his father’s poa (power of attorney).

The way it looks now, most likely the widow is going to evict her father-in-law from the condo. It’ll bound to happen, sooner or later. And yes, my brother’s rights were violated (breach of fiduciary duty) but good luck with proving this in the courts. In other words, one should be able to pay $$$ in attorney fees to prove they were wronged. There are some pro bono places but only theoretically; I contacted them online but alas, they are not in a big hurry to reply.

Sadly my brother will be forced to go to a nursing home as he can’t afford a lawyer, and neither can I. He isn’t ready to go there and is perfectly capable of living alone with help, but alas, he has no options.

End of story.

I wish I could help my brother. I promised our mom that I will help him if needed as we are about 18 years apart. Knowing that I can’t help is about eating me up alive. My diabetes and the neuropathy is still here regardless.

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Thursday’s Bumper Sticker

The best license plate if you ask me. Transformed into the bumper sticker. We all need a bit of a laugh

Michael Seidel, writer

It’s a license plate that the state doesn’t like, but I nominate it for a bumper sticker.

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Low Carb Cooking

Pretty sure I didn’t invent much but I thought up the ingredients for having low carbs. I watch my carbs like a hawk and this soup followed the suit. Here goes .

Low Carb Barley Vegetable Soup in a Crockpot

First off, crockpot is a studio dwellers’ friend. Not having full size appliances calls for it out loud. This morning I was in a cooking mood and concocted this. Turned out not bad.

Please note, this was made in a small crockpot. I measured and it’s all of about 4-1/2 quarts capacity. Feel free to adjust to your size crockpot. I used squash (yellow & zucchini) in place of potatoes so this is a low carb soup. Some of the ingredients were measured, while the others were eyeballed. All the veggies were chopped or cut in small pieces. The pearl barley was “sprinkled” lightly because I didn’t want too much of it. At first I thought to roll the Italian sausage in meatballs but ended up just breaking it down in pieces. The end result is just about the same (I think)

Oh new and exciting changes. Here’s to hoping my featured image will show up. Right now it is hidden in the sidebar. Being an old school, I expected it to be right here and now. OMG it is in place of the logo. Am removing and posting in the comments. Hmm.

UPDATE: I finally figured it out but can’t fathom why I had to jump through the hoops. And whatever happened to the HTML tab. Now have to figure out how to remove the darn picture from the wrong place (where my logo used to be). Thanks for being patient with me, my dear readers

Back to the recipe.

⦁ 1 pound bulk mild Italian sausage, broken down in pieces.
⦁ 2 cups yellow & zucchini squash, combined
⦁ 1 cup grated carrots.
⦁ green bell peppers. Red bell peppers are fine too; I just didn’t have them on hand
⦁ yellow onions
⦁ celery
⦁ pearl barley lightly sprinkled on top
⦁ water to cover to about 1-1/2 inches from the top

Set this on low early in the morning, ready by the dinner time. Yum. Set it and forget it is my favorite cooking style. Standing over the pot and stirring is not one of my favorite pastimes.

Leftover of veggies were cut up, placed in the Ziploc bags and off to the freezer for the future use. Will see how this goes.

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111 is my lucky number today


This was my morning fasting BG number today.

I don’t usually check my morning fasting BG every day. Heck not even every week. But lately when I do check it, it’s always good, no matter what.

And how reliable is it? Just as reliable as your meter. If you check your BG with another meter, chances are the numbers will be different. Some folks actually do this, not sure why. Some will check their BG after meals, about half an hour after, to see as they claim, how different foods affect them. I am not one of them. I only check my morning blood sugar level, and even then, only when a mood strikes or if I try a different food. Not that postprandial number matters unless of course it was doctor ordered. In my opinion, morning fasting BG is more than enough. What actually matters is the average levels detected by A1C test. Even that one is as reliable as the equipmentthat the lab is using. If you change doctors or if the lab is using a different meter, guess what. This will reflect on your numbers and not always in a good way.

Then again, the food including how much, how often, and the sequence. And if this wasn’t enough, the season of the year, your physical activity, whether or not you happened to be sick otherwise, pain, hormonal changes and more. Things happen when you sleep such as Dawn phenomenon or a Somogyi effect that I blogged about a few years ago

Good carbs, bad carbs, sugar-free – oh this is my favorite. A while ago I discovered sugar-free pancake syrup and was proud of myself for doing so. However my pride was short lived as the BG numbers went up. Turned out it does contain sugar albeit a different variety but it managed to raise my BG number. Off to the trash it went and I developed a habit of ALWAYS reading the ingredients labels.

Diabetes in control website claims that 2 tablespoons of vinegar before a meal will reduce the postprandial BG numbers. Have no way to test this as I don’t check postprandial BG. I don’t even check morning fasting each and every morning. This morning I was in the mood so went ahead and did it. Wow, 111. I braced myself for a higher number because my neuropathy was acting up lately and this can affect blood sugar levels, too. But no. Today is my lucky day. Cheers

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Diabetic neuropathy, again!

Lately my feet were acting up.  Killing me.  I thought it was neuropathy and maybe arthritis too. Either way it was bad. Hot shower helped but only briefly, and then the pain was right back. Both numbness and pain at the same time that is difficult to explain to someone who never experienced this.

I considered the possibilities. Haven’t seen my doctor in ages and haven’t taken any meds in about the same time span. Maybe the time has come to reverse aka see the doc and ask for some meds. Argh. Hated even thinking about it.

And then it dawned on me. Diabetic socks of course!  And here they are.

July 31. D socks

I am getting these babies free each month through my insurance plan, Aetna. Yep, Aetna gives you a monthly allowance, $15 for me, and then I can pick some freebies online within the allowance. I usually pick the socks and a couple more of this and that. Hey they are free. Listed as Diabetic Socks in the list of freebies yet the package says Comfort Socks. Anyway, all purpose socks that worked magic for me. I’ve accumulated tons of them that were quietly sitting in a drawer up until now.

Whatcha know, it worked. Yay! In addition to wearing these socks, I upped the heat a bit for a while.  The temps dropped to about upper 60s so I figured why not.  Both are free because of what Aetna is doing, and because the heat is included in the monthly condo fee. Long live freebies!

I feel like a million dollars now that the pain is gone. Doing a happy dance.

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Overcoming the Writer’s Block

Last time I posted, one of my readers suggested to overcome the writer’s block. I am working on it. Meantime, here a few quotes on the subject.

Writer’s Block Quotes

1 Benjamin Franklin
“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”                                                                                               – Benjamin Franklin

The first half of this quote is this post. The second one is in the works


Isaac Asimov

“Writing to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.”                                 – Isaac Asimov

  Am working on the connection.

Lee Iacocca

“The discipline of writing something down is the first step toward making it happen.”
– Lee Iacocca

Am trying to make that first step right now and here.


Anne Lamott

“Writing and reading decrease our sense of isolation. They deepen and widen and expand our sense of life: they feed the soul.”                                          – Anne Lamott

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My new computer

As you might as well noticed, I have taken a long break from blogging. Full five months, no kidding. Just drew a blank and didn’t know what to write about. Nothing much is happening, my diabetes is still here and so is the neuropathy. I am not on any meds, managed not to take any pain pills and just live one day at a time. I firmly believe that all meds have side effects and we are overmedicated in general. This however is food for thought for another post that I will do eventually. So here I am, meds-free. Hot shower helps.

Meanwhile I have a new computer. Completely brand new, HP Pavilion 15. I had it free in exchange for my review which was positive as I just love it. It runs very cool compared to my old Dell Latitude.

It runs Windows 10 Home that I am still taking time to get acquainted with. Hated the password screen but had to live with it or so I thought. Entering password on wakeup was there by default. Argh.

Needless to say, I didn’t like it and googled the ways to get rid of it. Done and over with, password enter screen is gone but so is Win+X shortcut. Since it was here before my password screen tweaking, there was an obvious connection between the two. Win + X keyboard shortcut is beautiful. Here now, a screenshot showing what it can do in Win 10. It does something different in Win 7.

Win + X

I had to make a choice and decided to re-activate the password screen. However after doing so, I noticed that the password screen didn’t come back which is good. But Win+X shortcut came right back, and I am just as happy. Don’t ask me to explain.

Go figure.

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Brown fat, cold weather and diabetes

About a week ago my morning fasting BG was a whopping 118; I couldn’t believe it. Thinking that it must have been a bad strip or a glitch of sorts, I rechecked and it was about the same. Ditto for the postprandial BG that I usually don’t check.

I was baffled. How come? C’mon now, I didn’t eat anything I wasn’t supposed to. I didn’t do absolutely anything to cause this. Where did this come from? In an instant I could foresee diabetes meds in my near future. Oh no, not me.

I turned to the internet and after a bit of googling found out that it could be the cold weather to blame. A number of websites including Healthline report a higher A1C as well as more people diagnosed with diabetes in the colder months.  What’s more, diabetes is more common in European countries that in say, Africa or South America, because it’s colder up north in Europe. And there is a reason for it. It all has to do with the brown fat and adaptation to cold.

Back in the prehistoric days, says Healthline, our ancestors lived in constant freezing temperatures. For that reason, they had lots of brown fat so they could have become insulin resistant to raise blood sugar as well as raise the freezing point of their bodies, while at the same time giving their brown fat plenty of fuel to keep them warm. As brown fat plays a role in glucose control, their BG levels never reached critical levels, so they were able to survive.

Now this starts making sense. I knew it wasn’t me, I just knew it. And now turns out that it was the cold weather to blame.

In the next day when the weather warmed up a bit, my fasting number was 105. And then a 100.

That’s more like it. I don’t check my fasting BG every day. I do it about once or twice a week. Looking back at my records, I noticed that the numbers in the winter time are around 100, while at summer they are typically in the mid 90s.

Oh well. You live and learn.

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