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Diabetes Management and Diet-to-Go

First off, I will disclose that I have received complimentary meals in exchange for my unbiased review.  That being said, I am satisfied with the quality of meals, customer service and my BG levels while on the plan.  I even … Continue reading

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The Daily Prompt: EMPTY. My glass isn’t empty

When you’re blessed with diabetes, try keeping your glass not empty, both literally and figuratively. Positive attitude helps to manage diabetes more efficiently. Diabetes management is a full-time job that can easily become overwhelming. It affects a big part of … Continue reading

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Diabetes Misconceptions by Huffington Post

Another day I was browsing and came across this article published on the Huffington Post website, further called HP for short. It was written by a New York podiatrist and adds to the misconceptions that abound already. I guess when … Continue reading

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I don’t want to see a specialist and here’s why

After a long procrastinating, I finally went to see a doctor last week. Mostly for the reason of my medications refill, otherwise I would’ve dragged my feet even longer. This is my new PCP (primary care physician). He will take … Continue reading

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My Yay Moment This Morning

This morning, after having done about 15 min of brisk walking, my fasting blood sugar is 94. Yay! It works!

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Brisk Walks, My Daily Constitutional

Sometimes last week I noticed that my morning fasting BG numbers are out of whack. 115 for no apparent reason. I started practicing avoidance i.e. not checking it at all and hoping it’ll go away somehow. It of course didn’t … Continue reading

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Okra, a diabetes cure?

Many online sources swear by okra being a magic cure for diabetes. I think they’re talking about type 2. I received a few emails of this nature, and have seen a few articles on Facebook that claim to have found … Continue reading

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