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It’s 114, yay!

Today my morning fasting BG was 114. Down from 121. Yay! Doing a happy dance.

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Diabetes Management and Diet-to-Go

First off, I will disclose that I have received complimentary meals in exchange for my unbiased review.  That being said, I am satisfied with the quality of meals, customer service and my BG levels while on the plan.  I even … Continue reading

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My June monthly chart of the fasting blood sugar numbers

Here’s my June chart.  I’ve been trying to get as close to the 100 line as I possibly could.  Am still trying.

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Today, I am debt-free!

As of today, I have paid off two of my current debts. One was a medical bill, financed by CareCredit, and the other, car repairs, financed by GoodYear. Both interest-free. No more bills! Today, I am debt-free, yay!! Doing a … Continue reading

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Back in the green again!

For those unaware, being in the green means having a good sugar level, while in the yellow means the other way around.  This term is adapted from the Diabetic Connect website. For the last couple of days I was in … Continue reading

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