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Post-meal blood sugar spikes

Contrary to the popular belief, a spike in blood sugar after eating also known as postprandial hyperglycemia is not uncommon and typically not dangerous. Unless advised otherwise, most folks with diabetes don’t even have to check their blood sugar after … Continue reading

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My Morning Fasting Blood Sugar

It was a whopping 116. I couldn’t believe my eyes as this hasn’t happened in a long time. Lately my fasting numbers were fairly close to a 100, sometimes even 99 that was super normal for me. And now this. … Continue reading

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The Daily Post prompt: Careless. Discovering Siamese Twins in my life.

I have been discovering Siamese Twins around me lately. Starting with my studio… The adjacent unit is physically joined with mine by the means of a wall. Said wall is solid and there’s no access from one unit to another … Continue reading

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Diabetes Management is not a one-size-fits-all and here’s why

First off, a brief overview.  In this post, I’ll be talking about a type 2 diabetes that I am diagnosed with.  What happens is that although insulin is produced, it cannot be used efficiently by body tissues which is called … Continue reading

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My June monthly chart of the fasting blood sugar numbers

Here’s my June chart.  I’ve been trying to get as close to the 100 line as I possibly could.  Am still trying.

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Morning highs described in detail in my other post can be caused by 3 things:  dawn phenomenon, Somogyi effect and waning insulin.  In my case, the last two didn’t apply as I am not on any diabetes medication and didn’t experience … Continue reading

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I have posted about this issue on June 6 but now I’ve found a website that not only provides a better explanation but offers the solutions as well.  It’s Diabetes Forecast.  Boy, am I glad I stumbled upon it. You wake … Continue reading

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