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Today’s Prompt: Unfinished. How I Lost Weight on Vegetarian Diet

About a month ago I blogged about Diet-to-Go that I tried for one week. I have lost a pound and a half that wasn’t bad yet nothing remarkable. I went from 152 pounds down to 150.5, and that’s all. A … Continue reading

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Diabetes Management and Diet-to-Go

First off, I will disclose that I have received complimentary meals in exchange for my unbiased review.  That being said, I am satisfied with the quality of meals, customer service and my BG levels while on the plan.  I even … Continue reading

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How much weight I really need to lose

This morning I stepped on my bathroom scale and found out that I weight 152 lbs. Being 5’6″ tall, this places my BMI (Body Mass Index) at 24.5 which is an upper end of the normal range. However I figured I … Continue reading

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Moving and Diabetes

To say that moving is stressful is an understatement of the year. However, downsizing is even more stressful. Moving into a studio efficiently combines both. And oh, the timelines! I am left with a couple of weeks to move the remaining … Continue reading

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Want to lose weight? Take neurontin

Just kidding. I can’t really recommend this drug although it did what it was supposed to do as its primary function. It has made my diabetic neuropathy go away for the time being; not sure if forever which remains to … Continue reading

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