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Today’s Prompt: Rearrange. My ways of writing a post

I’m glad that The Daily Post even came up with the idea of rearranging as this is exactly the way I write my posts. Generally I like the idea of prompts, though occasionally I get stuck when writing from a … Continue reading

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Today’s Prompt: Elusive

Sometimes when I’m writing a post, a certain word becomes elusive. I then take my time trying different variations and carry on, which usually brings the perfect word to mind. This post was written in response to The Daily Post … Continue reading

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Do Diabetics Need a Hobby?

Everyone needs a hobby if you ask me. My hobbies include writing a journal that lately has evolved into a blog, tinkering with my computer, DIY, crafts and online sales.  I file my own tax returns, too.  This keeps me … Continue reading

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