Introverts – Here We Are, This Is Us

Great post about us introverts, nicely put together and may I say, one of a kind

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A few days ago in class, the teacher tossed our way an odd piece of advice. She told us that when we go off to work in an organization, the introverts among us must try their best NOT to come off as one and go as far as to pretend to show the characteristics of an extrovert. As a solitaire, I felt as though my fellow recluses and I could have left the classroom happily without having this particular opinion hurled at us.

I think that the “quiet ones” are tragically misunderstood by the masses. It’s almost as if when people think of us, they picture an anti-social armored armadillo. It’s unfair that there is an air of negative connotations attached to this personality trait. I mean, so we have a shell we carry around, that’s no big deal.

Everybody loves the outgoing extrovert, but why undermine those…

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  1. Nice post. Speak when we need to speak. But silence has a lot of strenght. Just know when to engage and show the powerof your silent wisdom

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