The Skinny on Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disorder, meaning that the body’s immune system attacks its own pancreas affecting its ability to produce insulin; this usually happens at a young age.  In this case scenario, insulin has to come into your body from outside a good example of which is an insulin pump.  FYI not all autoimmune disorders happen at a young age.

Type 2 diabetes is a different ball game.  Contrary to the popular belief, increased sugar consumption doesn’t cause type 2 diabetes.

Just because type 2 diabetes is linked to high levels of blood sugar, it may seem logical to assume that eating too much sugar is the cause of diabetes.  However, it’s not that simple.  High-sugar diet can increase the risk of developing diabetes but doesn’t directly cause it.  There is no proven link between the two.   By analogy, driving on the road can increase your risk for an accident but a mere fact of driving doesn’t cause it.

What happens with type 2 is that people develop insulin resistance.  Here’s how it works.  When you consume sugar, it attaches to hemoglobin that delivers it to your body cells to be used for energy.  Think about insulin as a key to open the door (of a cell) to let glucose in.  In case of insulin resistance the door won’t open and glucose can’t get in.  As a result, glucose builds up in the bloodstream instead of being absorbed by the cells.

It is believed that excess weight and physical inactivity largely contribute to the insulin resistance.  Genetics play a role, as well.

How type 2 diabetes is diagnosed:  A1C test   A1C test kit

A1C is a widely used test to diagnose type 2 diabetes. It is also called HbA1C or glycated hemoglobin test.  Hemoglobin is a substance found in the red blood cells which carry oxygen throughout your body.  When blood sugar level is elevated, sugar combines with hemoglobin making it “glycated” in which case scenario A1C test shows an elevated number.  This test is being used to show how well your diabetes is being controlled.  Since red blood cells live up to 3 months, this test should be at this interval.   This very test was used to diagnose my type 2 diabetes.

For people without diabetes, the normal range for the A1C test is between 4% and 5.6%.  A1C levels between 5.7% and 6.4% indicate increased risk of diabetes and levels of 6.5% or higher indicate diabetes.  The goal for people with diabetes is a A1C level less than 7%.  The higher the A1C number is, the higher the risks of developing diabetes-related complications.



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So you want to buy a bedcover

Quilt or comforter or any bedcover for this matter. I will discuss mostly the former as this hits close to home.

Bedcover shopping can get complicated and confusing. Ever noticed how it looks in the picture and how yours turned out? You are not alone; I’ve seen a bunch of the negative reviews by the disappointed buyers who couldn’t achieve said look.
6 June 18. Big Sister, Little Brother — with source


The problem is, there are bedspreads and then there are coverlets; these terms sometimes are used interchangeably, yet they mean slightly different things. The coverlets are smaller and the bedspreads are larger, even in the same size category.

Think about them as a big sister and a little brother. So a bedspread is like a big sister and a coverlet, a little brother. Similar to this picture that I found on Pinterest.


It’s worth mentioning that nowadays everything is THINNER.  Like my quilt that I blogged about another day.  Argh. Mine is just a tad thicker than a top sheet. No, really.  I am thinking to (maybe) add more batting with a new liner to it to make it a bit on the heavier side.   This goes on my bucket list.

And as if this wasn’t enough, there’s more. It seems that every manufacturer has their own idea of the dimensions even in the same size category.  So ladies and gentlemen, grab you tape measure and take it to your bed, the results of which you then compare to the ACTUAL dimensions of your chosen quilt or comforter. Don’t rely on what’s in the picture. Read the specifications. If you skip this step, it will stare you in the face later on.

After all said and done, sometimes you might want to up a size depending on the final look that you’re trying to achieve, and whether or not you’ll be using a bedskirt.

By comparison, have you ever noticed how the insides of a comforter bunch up in the corners? Back in the day when I had comforters, this was driving me nuts. It happens because the insides are made of polyester. This phenomenon most likely is closely related to the price but I bet not always. Just another feature that you might want to be aware of.

Good luck with your bedding shopping. I hope that my post helps to make a difference.

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A is for assertive or a quilt story sequel

Back to my quilt.  As I blogged a couple days ago, it arrived without any shams.  It’s a  full/queen size so I needless to say, I was disappointed.  As I was unable to contact Macy customer service on the site due to captcha, I turned to the Facebook. At first Macy stated that an only option would be to have it returned. Hmmm.

This is precisely where I decided to get assertive and we had the following exchange:
6 June 18 UPDATE 2 — scheduled for the 18th
Of course I approved and subsequently Macy sent me this:

6 June 18 UPDATE 3

It pays to be assertive. All is well, now will have to figure out some shams. This goes on my bucket list.

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Happy Father’s Day!

6 June 17. Happy Father's Day PIXABAY

Source: Pixabay

Happy Father’s Day to all my readers and followers!

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Uplifting my mood, a short story

As I promised about a week ago, I am starting a series of my own prompts. The first one will be a short story about moods uplifting.  Not that I wasn’t writing short stories before, but this one starts a new chapter after reluctantly saying good bye to the Daily Prompts.

Speaking of uplift, google provides plenty of choices. Meanwhile, true to my DIY nature, I am discovering my own. Changeovers, I just love them, so dressing up my bed was my first step in that direction. And it even worked, albeit with a few bumps.  Well, nothing is perfect.   Here comes my new Nautica Quilt.  This isn’t exactly a patchwork quilt but rather something pieced together but I loved it regardless. I snatched one on special at Macy’s for $70; a great deal or so I thought.

Not so fast. First off, it’s THIN. And if this wasn’t enough, the quilt came without shams although I clearly remember seeing them in the picture. Speaking of Macy’s website, it’s quite something. Unlike the other sites, Macy wants you to manually enter your order number each and every time you inquire. Want to email customer service? Here’s your captcha. You know, the kind of captcha where you click on roads, cars and such?  Argh. This wasn’t required at the checkout or anywhere else, but only when contacting customer service. I of course flunked, but then again, there’s always Facebook.  I am offered to return it but decided to keep as I still love the pattern.  My google search yielded a possibility to add more batting and a new lining. This will be my next project.

And this is exactly what lifted my mood. Still love my new quilt unconditionally and the new look of my bed. Changeover, the mission accomplished.

Here now, see for yourself. The pillowcase doesn’t really match but this was the best I could do in absence of a sham. Everything is cotton though. Cool, isn’t it?

June 16. Quilt

Want more quotes and pics to uplift your mood? How about some Pinterest:

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The Daily Prompt is gone, now what?

In view of the recent changes on WordPress when the Daily Prompts vanished into eternity, I have decided to start my own prompts. On the spur of the moment, I will write and publish my short stories. Not sure that I can manage doing so on a daily basis but maybe weekly or so.

How long is a short story? Google sources quote anywhere upwards from about 1,000. Some sources claim that under 280 words is a tweet, while some others suggest at least 1,500 words as a starting point.

The John Fox site admits it’s a tricky one.  And quotes Edgar Allen Poe who “described the proper length of a short story by saying it had to be something readable in a single sitting.” I personally like this definition rather than the word counting. And by the way, do you know how to count words on Microsoft Word? Click Review tab, and to the left, in the Proofing section, you see Word Count; click that.  Here goes:

6 June 10. Word Count hovered on

My first short story that follows, will be about MOODS.
176 words is all I could muster so far.

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The faces of neuropathy

Turned out, there are plenty with the new ones emerging every now and then. Remember when I blogged about my first day on the job about a week ago? The neuropathy hit shortly afterwards and left me wondering why. No really. I didn’t do much of the walking, was mostly driving (and getting lost). Right before starting to head home, I had a snack of about two carbs worth of grapes. Came home and all I knew, I felt totally exhausted.

For a fairly long time or so it seems, I’ve been having an ongoing neuropathy in my feet. Usually I feel numbness in the toes and in the ball of the foot. I am pretty much used to it and barely notice. But this time, it extended all the way to the heels that made walking on the hard kitchen floor a challenge. Imagine a sensation that the skin on your heels is trying to separate from them. A way around this is to wear crocs that provide a bit of a cushion.

And then I had a feeling that I was wearing some sort of long socks all the way up to the knees. I know I wasn’t wearing anything of the sort but the sensation was there. Guess what, this is another face of a neuropathy.

And if this wasn’t enough, the joints in my feet were hurting but somehow this didn’t feel like arthritis. With the latter, the pain pretty much stays but this time it was alleviated by moving my feet. Not walking, just moving them. I was like, huh?

Googled and much to my surprise found out that this too, can be yet another face of a neuropathy as per Mayo Clinic.

For those unfamiliar with the subject, neuropathy means nerve damage. I really don’t want to say diabetic neuropathy, because I have actually snapped out of diabetes and now am in pre-diabetes according to my PCP doctor. My last A1C was 5.9.  However neuropathy is here to stay.

Hot shower brought a bit of a relief, and I managed not to take a pain pill. In the following day, I was feeling fine.  Until the next time, anyway.


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Premature is happening

I am sitting at an intersection and waiting for the longest red light in the world to change to green, while someone is urging me to make a premature left turn before the change takes place. How I ended up here is another story.

After years of disability and now retirement, I have found a job. Yay. I am working for an agency who will send me to take care of older folks in their homes. Mary (not her real name) is my first case. I am driving her around and the last stop is a local Target where she bought gifts for her grandchildren. Coming out of Target and boom, the longest red light in the world is staring at us.

Pixabay 1 red traffic light with text

We’re waiting and waiting and no green light on the horizon. I didn’t time it but it was awfully long. Mary goes, there’s something wrong with this light. And she wants me to proceed with the left turn on red. I politely refused and tried to assure her that the light will soon change.

No really. If I make a left on the red light and something goes wrong, it will be all my fault. A police station is in the next block over. With my luck, no doubt they’ll catch me, maybe even in the act, and will find guilty of a failure to yield (been there, done that). It would be MY points on the license, MY ticket, MY paying for it, MY increase in the insurance fees and who knows what else. All this crossed my mind in a split second while I was trying to explain the concept of a failure to yield to Mary; not sure it registered. I am glad that I stood my ground, and of course, the light eventually has changed to green. All is well.


The Daily Prompt — Premature

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