If Alzheimer’s Erases Your Name

I am terrified at the mere thought that some day I might have to succumb to it… you never know. My sister-in-law is in the advanced stage of Alzheimer’s. Although there was never much love lost between us, I truly feel sorry for her. Her husband, my brother, had never received any explanation or support, and still is having hard time grasping what’s happening.

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If Alzheimer’s Erases Your Name

Memories with no recollection
like a warm beach without sand
how could I gaze into your eyes
and not feel what I breath today

If nostalgia becomes a stranger
who will reminisce over photos I
will miss? Will you remind me of
remembrances that I won’t find

After all that we conquered, our
love deserves a better fate.  Will
you remember for the two of us
if Alzheimer’s erases your name

Please note: THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH ME.  Well, nothing that a chocolate layer cake, a glass of wine, & a warm kiss won’t cure (not in that order).  I  recently had a brief conversation with a blogging friend who mentioned her mother suffers from Alzheimer’s disease.  I have little fear of death, but I do worry about Alzheimer’s.  I can’t imagine not remembering my daughter or Allie.

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  1. Don’t think about it. The more you think and fear that you may get it the more pressure you put on your brain which is not good. Just keep exercising gently your brain and body, eat properly and you will be OK . It has been found lately that very old nuns with advanced Alzheimer’s plaques and tangles in their brain are as bright as pins because they keep exercising their brain with puzzles, crosswords and other activities and lead healthy lives. The finding happened after the brains of some dead nuns of about 90 years old or more with Alzheimer were examined. I specialize in Alzheimer prevention and one of the suggested therapies is to make people to gently exercise their body and brain at the same time for instance with Tai chi and any art that they like or any hobby. Also of course it’s important to have a diet low in sugar in particular because too much sugar is suspected to be one of the causes of Alzheimer but without artificial sweeteners, and that is not too fatty. This doesn’t mean to give up cakes or fat only to moderate them. On top of it it’s a good idea to take some supplements against Alzheimer. I only recommend 2 which are as curcumin that is an extract of turmeric and Krill oil very high in omega 3, as omega 3 helps against Alzheimer. That they can be bought from amazon. This is my website about Alzheimer that happens to be also a wordpress blog https://mneme9.wordpress.com/

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